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The Wiz 2018

Dorothy, an African-American kindergarten teacher who left the big family dinner tonight, to catch a dog during snowfall in New York and was removed by a cyclone and transferred to the version of the city of Oz. http://kon. news/91476

The new student at the entrance to the school must perform hacking ceremonial rituals and somehow avoidsa brave serial killer who targets a sister’s sister.

A high school student found the dark secrets of the body that she presided over after a series of murders surprised the campus.


MattiBeckerman A high school student found the dark secret of a woman’s house after a series of murders surprised the campus.

Joanand Joe continued to complete after nearly 40 years of marriage. Where Joe is random, Joan is elegant. Where Joe was in vain, Joan was modest. And where he is Daring in his role as a great American novelist, Joan comes with a great feeling, charity, charm and diplomacy in a powerful powerful personality.As Joe gets the Nobel Prize for a well-known and productive workforce, Joan beginsto think of compromise, secrets and traitors together.


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