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ShowMyPC is a free free open source program that lets you view and open other personal computers, screens, or desktops, perfect when many users need to see the same or receive remote help. ShowMyPC can not be easier toare used by both users to install the application on their own PC. The person who wants to share their computer touches “Show My PC Now” and the person who wants to see the computer. (()) {(‘Review-app-page-desktop’);)); ShowMyPC will become the producer parlor, whichsomeone else needs to enter the user to access your computer. You can also choose to share only the application. With the app, you can create screenshots and hosts and participate in scheduled appointments. ShowMyPC also has a WhiteBoard chat feature to sharetechnical levels, you can configure personal servers and servers to improve security. You will also be able to see the properties of the default server that have been set up byShowMyPCtukar by right clicking on the server icon TightVNC will appear on the system tray. LikeThis is a free and easy-to-use application that makes sharing easy. Of course, the program does not ShowMyPC beautiful, but the computer sharing a very complicated and complicated, which provide opportunities for ShowMyPC.

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