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    Listen to favorite songs on the radio, on TV or at parties but do not know what is called? Install Shazam on your PC and you can get it; The name you hear when you hear you want your favorite speaker of your PC for the speaker and press the ‘Tag Now’ icon. Shortly thereafter, track information will appear on the Shazam interface, including the name of the song, singer, and album that will appear.

    (function () {(‘update-app-page-desktop’);}}; Shazam provides the opportunity to play songs on Spotify,Radio, and Google Play Drive from where you can listen to songs and buy songs. You can see the history of all the songs you want to use ‘My Choices’.

    Shazam now has Spotify collaboration, so you can listen to full songs in the Shazam playlist. If you connect your Spotify account, you will automatically see ‘Shazam’ playlists in Spotify, so you can use your Shazam record record.

    It also provides more information about each song such as lyrics andrelated videos.

    Easy to hear But can Shazam know all this music? Shazam can listen to the song through your PC’s microphone and use your mobile connection to generate audio receivers and those in great music recording. If you get Shazam matches, it will give you information instantly, and give you the ability to sign up with a friend if you like. Although Shazam does not know every song in the World, he learns more about it.

    Component Linkwhich is easy to use, and takes a while to find the song.

    The best way to extend your music libraryShazam provides an attempt to try the trying age (and remember!) The song you hear at the party. Easy-to-use interface allows music.

    What’s new in Shazam With recent updates, there has been an increase in software upgrades software, made to make it easier to see more from Shazamed artists, for example new songs and unique videos. Neatnow This Food Information also lets you easily see your friends’ activities and find out what’s happening;


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    Media Player Classic

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a free and easy media player that can play different types of multimedia files. Appearance is modeled on older versions of Windows Media Player, but unlike this app it plays almost every available media format. No advertising, easy to use and easy to use, it is an excellent media player that supports all but the most unknown audio and video formats.

    Stable and sound images (function () {(“review pageIf you have ever used older versions of Windows Media Player, Media Home Classic Home Cinema must be very intuitive. Controls are where you can expect, the menu is transparent and the player is accidentally or unlocked when it finds the type Unknown file (which is rare too) It is also quite unimportant, meaning it works fast and works seamlessly, even on older computers. However, it does not support streaming video.

    Satualternatifgreat to original video playerMedia Player Classic HomeKino is easier, easier to use and more versatile than most standard video player apps. Unless you want something that has stronger streaming support or especially listening to an audio CD (which it supports, but not comparable to some competitors) is an excellent choice.


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