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In a solid sentence, the black man begins to question the relationship with his best friend.


Carlos Llep, Deweed Diegs, has to make new in the last three days of the province. Miles’s best child friend (Raphael Casal) is a migrant worker, and the old quarterturned into suburban neighborhood. When life changes lives, Colin loses a mandatory curfew, helping both husbands keep their friendships. If they change the social landscape, they reveal differences. Experienced friends, Deweed Diggs and Raphael Casal wrotea star in the punctual and wild history of friendship and intersection. Against the race and class against Auckland.

Colinmore in the Oxland area of ​​California, a new beginning in the neighborhood did it within three days. Relations with his best friend for his unstable was brought shortly, Colin shootsthe back of the suspect for the post persecution. Soon it will be your friends in a young and rich technology company that attends entertainment.

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