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Basic Calculator

At times when complexity is a virtue and a degree in computer science may not be a bad idea, and sometimes come back for fun reasons. The basic calculator in this breath is fresh air. This can be as easy as a quarter of the calculator. It’s not perfect in both the appearance and the basic calculator operation calculator what is pure, to make the interface consisting of a square containing 17 buttons: the decimal point of the numeric keyboard «C» deletes the countthe latest four buttons to run the most commonly used function math, and finally, and perhaps the most important are “equals”. The manipulation of accuracy on this button allows the user to perform calculations indefinitely as long as they do not involve more complex than some multiplication or an easy addition. The most obvious application for mobile devices, as well as for people who are not visible. knopkavyaliki and reading makes it easy to usewith mouse or touch screen. This will also be the first good calculator for children who just started their journey of magical math. (Function () {(‘Desktop page application overview’);}); Back to Bike basics The calculator marks a welcome return for simplicity in the initial computer program. If all you need is to add your shopping list is perfect.

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