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The mind map is one of the most effective ways of thinking and solving new mechanisms, such as solutions between Java platforms, designed to make this process as simple as possible: “Kids” and “Related Brothers”, we hope to create their maps for something. meaningful. Start withFreeMind, you need to find the location and double-click the file “” in Lib / FreeMind Folder (function () {((“Desktop Program Overview”);}); You start with the “knot of the child”, which is your ultimate pride.
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You can write the name of a large number of font sizes and patterns, and then click on the rightmouse button to add a child, what objects are associated with it. Then you have a large number of tools and words on the left to add color and save on the map. This panel is well together and fuss, although it makes it very difficult to see beyond their framework, and removing items on FreeMind is the easiest,but the interface does not suffer from the lack of organization and toolbars.
Insatsi.Vishny cluttered, as well as many records that are not particularly useful (for example, penguins), and in general, the project does not feel a bit small, however, very fast and can be used – It’s morewhat can be said, for many similar mapping understandings.


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